Air navigation




CZ ANS has announced purchase of new calibra plane few months ago and under the picture is hidden link to visualisation of that aircraft.

Radar Buchtův kopec (czech)

Clouds over GALILEO (czech)

EU GNSS Galileo issues from point of view of czech journalist of Respekt magazine Martin Uhlíř. Article from year 2011 is linked under the picture in left. At present, despite the article, it has been shown that the Galileo project has survived and will hopefully work at a hundred percent.

Profile of ANS CR (czech)

Concept of remote tower (czech/EN)

I have been speaking with Norwegian ANS technician about implementing concept of Remote towers in outlying airports in Norway during my training at Eurocontrol. Remote tower concept is based on virtual TWR's which secures more than one airport. At server is an article written by Tomáš Doležal from Albit Technologies company. Article is linked under the picture on the left.
For english speaking,visit website of SESAR

VOR signal spectre

Friend of mine has built spectral analyzator by using DVB-T tuner and programm SDRsharp and sent me a pictures of VOR spectre signal even with identificational morse code.

CALIBRA (czech)

Read an interesting article about civil calibration airplane posted on webbage You can download it by clicking the picture i the left.